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Our Services

Raw Material Sourcing

MILA will leverage its existing strategic partnerships with licensed cultivators to help you source high-quality, reliable suppliers that’s in line with your company’s logistics infrastructure to cut cost and save time.

Extraction & Purification

MILA’s flagship facility located on Prince Edward Island, Canada will be capable of a full spectrum of extraction and purification services including: ethanol extraction, solventless extraction, and high terpene full-spectrum extraction.

Ingredient Manufacturing

MILA constructs bespoke cannabis ingredients that are specific to your company’s existing formulations and production practices. Our completely customization production ingredients can be applied to any CPG line.

Packaging & Distribution

MILA offers an extensive network of international packaging and distribution partners to provide custom solutions for your business and its end products. Our in-house experts ensure seamless and efficient operations from the beginning to end.

Our Flagship Facility

MILA’s flagship facility in Prince Edward Island is a fully licensed Standard Processor. The first phase of our facility, which is located on Prince Edward Island Canada, is capable of producing up to 10- 20 metric tons (annually) of cannabis based oils, distillates, value-added production ingredients and finished products.

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